TFSA Increases, Are They For You?

When I found out that the TFSA limits were increasing, I did a little happy dance and then immediately contacted one of my investors (the smart one) to get the paperwork going. I could now put an additional $4500 into top them off at $10, 000. It’s great that I can write this, but I … Continue reading TFSA Increases, Are They For You?

I blinked and I became the most boring person I know. Also,  February was gone. I understand that it’s a short month, but somehow it felt like it was done in a week. Unfortunately I fell drastically behind all thanks to one PD presentation that totally fall apart when it happened. This time it wasn’t … Continue reading

Day 19 Checkup

19 days into the year and it’s time for the monthly checkup to see how smoothly things are going. Besides annihilating my smoke detector this morning, things  are OK. Alberta Budget Club I suspect it will be  a failure and that’s not really an issue for me. No one, NO ONE seems to want to talk about … Continue reading Day 19 Checkup

The $10 000 Debt

Secret confession, I’m probably not the best candidate to talk about money or  getting out of debt. Why? I’ve never had any  (debt) and have also never had any real money troubles as an adult. This does not mean that I’m 100% safe or financially secure. I could lose my job, or get injured or … Continue reading The $10 000 Debt

Building A Memorable Life

If you died of some misfortunate accident today and your name was plastered all over tomorrow’s paper, what would people find when they Googled your name? Would they find your social media, charity work, books that you’ve written, awards that you’ve gotten, or would they not be able to find you at all? And if … Continue reading Building A Memorable Life