On Vacation Until 2016

Dear Readers, While I want to make this message seem as less automated as possible, there is basically only one way to write this. “Hello, you have reached the blog of Angela Ostafichuk. I will be away until 2016 on a sort of semi-vacation. Wait, that’s not correct, I don’t really believe in pure vacation … Continue reading On Vacation Until 2016

A Look At Bringing In Income For Alberta During Recession (Hint, It’s Tourism, Not Oil )

Last week Edmonton (the city I currently reside in) made NatGeo’s list of top places to visit this summer. Before I tell you my theory on why/how this happened, let’s take a look at this fine city. Now if you live here, you know Edmonton is a great place during our one month of wonderful … Continue reading A Look At Bringing In Income For Alberta During Recession (Hint, It’s Tourism, Not Oil )


You could my journey starts in Ecuador one night. I had just been dropped off in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night. Ok, maybe it was 10:00 at night, but being there with no lights on and nowhere to go makes it feel all the much darker. Or maybe it starts … Continue reading Quest-ioning

Magazine Hunting

The other day I was looking for “plane-reading” material (aka magazines) for my mother. I wanted something that was witty, educational but still tuned into “the feminine” side as well. I looked and I looked but to be honest, there was nothing and I felt at a loss. In the past I had gotten her … Continue reading Magazine Hunting

I blinked and I became the most boring person I know. Also, ¬†February was gone. I understand that it’s a short month, but somehow it felt like it was done in a week. Unfortunately I fell drastically behind all thanks to one PD presentation that totally fall apart when it happened. This time it wasn’t … Continue reading